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We Are Exporters Of Agricultural Commodity products Worldwide
We Are Exporters Of Agricultural Commodity products Worldwide


Market Opportunity Worldwide is a registered commercial farming entity, agribusiness, export, value addition, trading and consultancy service provider which will be cultivating, purchasing, selling and outsourcing products and services for customer requirements and that is our main score. We are a social enterprise on the other side. MOWE is also committed to export agricultural commodity products from Malawi to global market. We are entitled to assist business people especially those in agricultural sector industry to find markets worldwide. 


MOWE is a market place where buyers and sellers can meet and transact. We are a buyer and seller of all legal agricultural commodity produce in Malawi and exporter of the same. Above all we are a commercial maize and orphan crops farmer such as; soya beans, beans, ground nuts and others. We prioritize quality, delivery and payment of our services.

MOWE targets all stakeholders in agricultural commodity produce industry as follows:




-Arms of Government

-Parastatal organization

-Private sector



Market Opportunity Worldwide (MOWE) is duly registered by United Nations Global Compact to fulfill Sustainable Development Goals Principles in the following areas:

° Environment

° Human Rights

° Labour

° Anti-Corruption


-Connecting farm produce suppliers to the market through MOWE Suppliers Network free of charge

-Connecting local and international buyers of farm produce and assorted items to local Malawian suppliers under MOWE Business Partners Network

-Remember Market Opportunity Worldwide is a registered member of United Nations Global Compact, therefore we are targeting the SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT GOAL PRINCIPLES Number 1 to 10.

Country Profile

Malawi is a safe, sensible and profitable free market economy, strategically located between Zambia, Tanzania and Mozambique. Malawi is well positioned to act as your global export base in an increasingly competitive market, where access to raw materials and time to market is crucial in maintaining a global chain supply.

Market access from Malawi is signatory to a number of agreements that ensure duty free access into regional and international markets.

Malawi"s low cost of doing business is a notable asset particularly when considering labor costs.

There is secure environment for investors and the small size of the nation makes doing business a friendly relationship driven experience.

Thank You, enjoy our website.


Market Opportunity Worldwide (MOWE) was registered under Malawi Government number: MBRS 1038410

European Union Contracting:

MOWE Legal Entity PIC Number: 892690322

United Nations Global Compact:

Participation ID: 142007

US Government Registration:

MOWE D-U-N-S Number: 851742138


Malawi Revenue Authority TPIN#:31007281


Market Opportunity Worldwide (MOWE)




"We Are Behind Our Promise, Trust Us"


"Talent Brings Creativity and Innovation"


MOWE was registered on 13 August, 2018


-Public Private Partnership Commission (PPPC), Registered as a consultant-Registered Year 2020 (Malawi)

-Small and Medium Enterprises Development Institute

-AGOA in United States of America


Market Opportunity Worldwide (MOWE) is a sole trading company (sole proprietorship).


MOWE is a commercial farming,an agricultural commodity or produce trading, agribusiness produce buyer and broker and consultancy service provider, and farm proceeds exporter  institution.

Business Account

Bank name: My Bucks Banking Corporation

Account Name: Market Opportunity Worldwide

Account Holder: Malankie John Gondwe

Account number: 5052539905023

Account type: Savings



Vast experience of workforce, competent, wide knowledge, hard working spirit, more customer base, trustworthy suppliers, more markets.


Shortage of staff, inadequate of funds


-Easy market search

-Markets availability worldwide

-Quality products and services

-Knowledge of market

-More business networks

-Knowledgeable workforce

-Fast and reliable service provision

-Reliable buyers and suppliers of produce


-Scarcity of domestic products to fulfill global market requirements.

-Some Government restrictions on other farm produce not allowed for export


sales agent/indent agent/export agent

The following are the arrangement:

-We solicit orders

-We will not normally take possession or title to goods or distribute them.

-We will act as an indent agent.

-We handle the paper work and company contact for network of importers and distributors.

-We are responsible for motivating sales.

-We monitor stock levels, quality, solicit repeat orders.

-We assist in managing local advertising programmes.

-We can travel abroad on behalf of the principal, soliciting orders in return for a fee or fixed commission.

-We are not involved in taking ownership of goods or financing the transaction.

-We just act as the export sales arm of the manufacturer (producer).


(Terms of Payment)

MOWE charge its services based on trade agreement as follows:

Product and service price list

Product price list:

We are pleased to inform all our valued customers or clients that product list remain as follows:

-Fixed commission

-Fixed fees

(a) Paid on Fixed commission:

-will be due only on an order has been accepted.

-Will be due only on shipped.

-Will be due only on paid in full.

-Will be due only after first shipment.

-Will be due only after the order has been received.

Service Price List fees

We are pleased to inform you all that our service price list is charged based on the following agreement:


-We charge 10 percent per total amount of goods exported abroad on behalf of the our client.

Fixed Charge:

We have a fixed amount being charged in USD 2 dollar  per every tonne if its foreign business transaction, and in kwacha if its a local Malawian business transaction.


MOWE would like to inform all our valued customers that you can work with us using our simple terms aa follows:

- We get you order or buyer if you are a manufacturer then you pay us $ 2 per tonne commission on that. We give you good price, and will find you good customer. Here is our simple payment terms:

- $ 2 per tonne per order

- We get paid only when we bring in orders


MOWE is an agricultural commodity produce export trading company, Commercial farming having markets worldwide.

We intend to export agricultural commodity products as follows:

-Rice with aroma


-Soya beans

-Pigeon peas

-White Maize

-Fruits (all types)

-Ground nuts

-Red fresh & Dried Chilli






We intend to buy agricultural commodity produce from Malawian local farmers and resell them to global markets worldwide through export.

We have reliable buyers from abroad and buying managers globally looking for quality Malawian agricultural commodity produce.

MOWE therefore, would like to request for quotes from our valued local supplier to supply us additional proceeds for us to export abroad.

If you are interested please contact us now for more information.


Market Opportunity Worldwide has decided to venture into the mega farming scheme in order to fulfill our export requirement received on daily basis.

MOWE has identified a piece of land in Lilongwe rural or district. We are planning to grow different types of crops as follows:

-White Maize

-Ground nuts

-Soya beans


-Red Chilli

This project will need funds amounting to  USD 5,000,000.00. (Five Million  dollars Only).

We therefore, would like to appeal to all stakeholders who are interested in this project to come forward and partner with us.

So far we have approached some viable business investors and we are looking forward to hearing from them.

This project is viable and we expect to supply a lot of Agricultural Commodity produce abroad just to boost the deficit we are having now.

The proposed general farming amount will cover the following area:

-Farm land rentals

-Farm equipment

-Labour wages

-Farm machine


-Farm gears





-Office equipment

-Management staff salaries


-lnsurance premium cover

-Fuel and oil

-Repair and maintenance

-Farm inputs


-Fence materials

-Solar Irrigation Pump system

-Company Vehicles 

-Office Property

-Processing and packaging plant

-Farm land acquisition

-Staff Salaries, wages and stipends

-Irrigation dam construction machinery and equipment

-Sales and marketing, publicity

Farm produce will be sold locally and internationally in order to boost our local currency.

If you are interested in this project please contact us now for more information via email or just fill in the website form, or you can call us now. Here are our contact details:



Whatsapp: +265880437578


Market Opportunity Worldwide (MOWE) would like to inform all our valued customers and clients about our service fee charges as follows:

Agricultural Commodity Produce Purchase Prices

Rice: 600-750 (MWK)

Maize: 170-200 (MWK)

Ground nuts: 700-800 (MWK)

Red Pigeon Peas: 275-300 (MWK)

Beans: 700-800 (MWK)

Soya Beans: 230-300 (MWK)

Cow Peas: 270-310 (MWK)

White Harricat Beans: 500-650 (MWK)

Red Kidney Beans: 680-800 (MWK)

Sunflower seeds: 250-350 (MWK)

Cotton: 300-350 (MWK)

Red Chilli:







Commodity Market Search

MOWE would like to inform all our valued customers that we assist farmers, traders and manufacturer of Agricultural Commodity products acquire reliable buyers and trustworthy markets abroad.

Here are the following sections:

Farmers need market

Individuals need market

Companies need market

Farmers association need market

Organizations need market

Export Documentation Process

MOWE would like to inform all our valued customers that you can use our office in handling your export transaction received or sent.

Here is the price list of our service:

Individual paper process: (based on tonne)

Company paper process: (based on tonne)

Farmers paper process: (based on tonne)

Farmers association paper process: (based on tonne)

Organization paper process: (based on tonne)

Export Banking Paper Process

Individual assistance: (based on tonne)

Company assistance: (based on tonne)

Farmers association assistance: (based on tonne)

Organization assistance: (based on tonne)


MOWE works hand in hand with other institutions to implement projects in Malawi and Africa as a whole.

Market Opportunity Worldwide has the capability to represent investors and other stakeholders in order to fulfill the required project in need.

We charge a fee for any required service being given or provided.

We have a number of companies in Africa looking for business investors and partners, and bear it in your mind that we are not funders, investors or project owners, but we connect project seekers to the right project funders.

We therefore urge you all readers that if you have projects to invest in Malawi and Africa, then this website can be of your assistance, please contact us now for more information.


Market Opportunity Worldwide (MOWE) act as a manufacturer representative of all foreign traders or companies.

We offer you a wide range of consultancy services in order to assist business people especially manufacturer to secure a market for their products.

We sell products on your behalf in Malawi, and what you need to know before agree on terms and conditions of this service is that, we charge a fee or commission depending on the service being offered.

Here are some of the manufacturers we work with:

-Agro product manufacturer

-Used clothes manufacturer

-Electronic gadget manufacturer

-All types of legal manufacturering industry

If you are interested please contact us now for more information.


Our reliable soya beans buyers international
Our reliable soya beans buyers international

Foreign companies Looking for Soya Beans lnquire Now

MOWE has received an inquiry from buyers abroad to purchase soya beans from Malawi immediately, therefore, we are urging our valued local Malawian farmers and traders to supply us with soya beans urgently.

We buy soya beans from local farmers on good price and resell abroad to our reliable buyers.

We are looking for quality soya beans  grade in order to fulfill export requirement.


23 May 2020
White Maize For Sale
White Maize For Sale

White Maize For Sale

Do want to buy maize grain in Malawi? Are you looking quality for Malawian white Maize for resale urgently? lf yes, we have a solution for your need.

If you are interested please contact us now for more information.

Market Opportunity Worldwide Logo
Market Opportunity Worldwide Logo

Goal, Mission, Objective, Core Value


Our main goal is to supply quality agricultural commodity products through organic and non organic agricultural commodity produce, agribusiness, export globally, value addition and consultancy services worldwide and assist boost our domestic export.


To be a leading agricultural commodity produce supplier both local and international, trust worthy export company, reliable agribusiness entity, viable consultancy firm and broker worldwide.


To be a high quality agricultural commodity produce supplier worldwide through export and reliable business consultant or broker.


Competence, integrity, Hard work, Patriotism, Quality.


-Buying and selling of required agricultural commodity produce except tobacco.

-Commercial maize farming production, processing and packaging 

-Work as a consultant or broker between a farmer and buyer.

-Value addition of all agricultural products.

-Export of all required agricultural commodity products globally.

-Work as project representative of all foreign traders or companies.

-Connect manufacturer and farmers to global market.

-Project promotion to global market. (Act as a promoter)

-Provide consultancy services ie; website design, develop and creation at affordable prices.

-Export of organic and non organic farm produce to global markets

-Buy and sell of soya beans, beans, maize, ground nuts, rice, chili, Pigeon peas, cow peas, Onion, garlic, ginger, Vegetables, fruits, cotton, sunflower seeds from local farmers to global markets.


-Consultancy services


-Commercial Farming

-Value Addition (Processing and Packaging)

-Export services


"We Are Behind Our Promise, Trust Us"

"Talent Brings Creativity and Innovation"


-Office of Director of Procument

(Public Procurement and Disposal of Assets)

-Malawi Revenue Authority (MRA)

-Ministry of Agriculture 


-Farmers Association

-Farmers cooperative


We buy and sell Soya Beans, Beans, Maize, Ground nuts, Pigeon peas, Cow Peas, Red and dried Chilli, Onion, Potatoes, Vegetables, Fruits, Garlic and Ginger to global markets. Due to high demand for local produce abroad, we are planning to invest into commercial farming so that we can have alot of agricultural commodity produce for export. We have alot of buyers abroad but can not afford to export more due to shortage of working capital, therefore we are looking for investors to come in and assist us with working capital in form of loan, grant or equity.


MOWE would like to venture into commercial maize farming so that we can have a lot of maize grain for export globally. For us to fulfill this vision we are looking for startup working capital to purchase equipment and machines so that we can have a factory for maize processing and packaging. We are planning to add value to our farm proceeds from our farm so that we can have more chances of maize grain export. We are thinking of selling organic and non organic maize grain worldwide.

Malankie John Gondwe
Malankie John Gondwe

Company Background

Market Opportunity Worldwide (MOWE) is located in the heart of Malawi"s industrial, commercial and business centre Lilongwe with estimated population of over 5 million.

We are an indigenous business firm with primary interest in trading and consulting, commercial farming, agribusiness, export and international sales, manufacturer"s representation etc. in the sub Saharan Africa market.

We seek out an international business partners or investors eager in commercial farming project investment,  launching its brands, services and products in Africa and particularly in Malawi for maximum brand name and products/services exposure in this new emerging local and regional market.

We also particularly interested in discussing the possibility of representing your company domestically and regionally as sales representative, independent sales representative, agent or partner.

We are however impressed of our ability, credentials and marketing capabilities to assist global companies in facilitating and promoting international business development, through sales representative using our marketing and business expertise through our local network of affiliates in Malawi where we have particularly strong customer base and an extensive network of business associates and contacts.

MOWE looks forward to mutually beneficial relationship, as we can help recap the benefits of the global economy and achieve success in partnerships and business synergy.


For: Market Opportunity Worldwide,

Director, (Malankie John Gondwe)

Call: +265880437578

Whatsapp; +265880437578

Thank you.

Home Office in Lilongwe, Malawi
Home Office in Lilongwe, Malawi

Our Service Offer


Market Opportunity Worldwide has it's secretariat in Lilongwe.


Head office in Lilongwe, Malawi, Africa.


Office depot in all districts (seasonal)


Local and international sales:

-Buy and sell agricultural commodity products except tobacco in order to resale them international.


-Act as a trade broker or consultant or go between a farmer and buyer.

Value Addition:

To agricultural commodity produce processing and packaging and so as to add value for export globally.

Import and Export

To act as a manufacturers representative representative globally to represent investors domestically, regionally, and international as sales representative.

To export our organic and non organic maize grain worldwide.

Project Representative:

To act as a project promoter to all legal business activities.

Independent Sales:

To act as a business representative, distributor, agent and partner.

Sugar Beans Export Globally
Sugar Beans Export Globally

Our Product Offers

Market Opportunity Worldwide offers the following agricultural commodity products abroad:




-Soya beans





-Sunflower seeds and oil

-Dried Chilli

-Pigeon peas



-Water melon

-Ground nuts

MOWE Foreign Buyers
MOWE Foreign Buyers

Global Market

MOWE has received a number of enquiries from overseas companies looking for agricultural commodity products to purchase from us. We therefore, would like to invite all individuals, companies, farmers association, to submit their expression of interest to supply agricultural commodity products for export. 

We have an opportunity arise within our company to supply the following agricultural commodity products: maize, ground nuts, soya beans, chilli, beans, rice as soon as possible.

MOWE has the reliable buyers from abroad and we are appealing to you all to contact us now via the following contact details:


Call: +265880437578

Whatsapp: +265880437578

Market Opportunity Worldwide-Foreign Exchange
Market Opportunity Worldwide-Foreign Exchange

Foreign Project Available

Business Partners Needed Urgently

Market Opportunity Worldwide commercial farm, is looking for project investors to fund our commercial maize farming project in Malawi. We estimate our project at $ 1,000,000 American currency to kick start our commercial standard maize farm with processing and packaging plant. We are looking for loan facility, equity or grant to kick start our commercial maize farm in Malawi Africa. We have a viable business plan to support our course. For more information please on your proceed email us at:

Or just call on: +265880437578

Whatsapp: +265880437578

Market Opportunity Worldwide-Management Staff
Market Opportunity Worldwide-Management Staff

Our Management

Market Opportunity Worldwide was formed by Malankie John Gondwe as a sole founder and managing director. A Malawian national based in Lilongwe, Malawi Africa. The major role in this company is to run the daily affairs of the institution and manage all projects and funding.
General Manager-Ellis Nanjala (Technical Support Department)
General Manager-Ellis Nanjala (Technical Support Department)

Our Employees

Market Opportunity Worldwide Company Staff or Workforce (Revised)

-Managing Director and Chief Operations Manager: Malankie John Gondwe (Management Department)

-Company Secretary: Thokozile Mseteka(Technical Department)

-Administrator: Sara Moyo (Administration Department)

-Accounts Officer:Patrick Dulani (MOWE-Accounts Department)

-Accounts officer: UN Global Compact Department (un filled)

-Sales and Marketing Officer: Ellina Phiri (Sales & Marketing Department)

-Front Desk Officer:(un filled)(Consultancy Department)

-Procurement & Project Manager : Mrs Elizabeth Makuwira (Operations Department)

-General Manager: Ellis Nanjala (Operations Department)

-Senior Field Officer:Mr Kasamila(Commercial Farming Department)

-Field Assistant Officer: Godfrey Manyonzo,Grace Magangani, Marko Kalioni, Bonnie Magangani (Commercial Farming Department)

-Crop Cultivation Manager/Supervisor:lan Nelson Gondwe (Commercial Farming /Administration Department)

-Social Responsibility Officer: Carloline Mndala (UN Global Compact/ Management Department)

-Head Buyer:Godwin Kayenda (Agribusiness Development)

-Head Clients Officer: (un filled) (Export Department)

-Processing and Packaging Officer: (un filled)( Value Addition)

-Office Assistant: Lexinah Jedidah Chimtengo (Management Department)

-Public Relations Officer: (Un filled) (Communication Department)

-Driver: (Un filled) (Management Department)

-Head Security Officer: Ernest Dausi Daza (Security Department)

MOWE will fill vacant positions very soon, we shall publish it in the newspaper.

Foreign Agricultural Commodity products Market
Foreign Agricultural Commodity products Market

Reliable Market

MOWE Market Place Globally

Market Opportunity Worldwide has a lot of markets abroad so that you can find market for your agricultural commodity products or agro products for export globally. We have reliable buyers from abroad and we assist you in securing market for all legal agricultural commodity products.

We export agricultural commodity products to global markets as follows:

-Soya beans



-Red & Dried chili

-White Maize

-Ground nuts

-Pigeon peas










Agricultural Commodity Market Worldwide
Agricultural Commodity Market Worldwide

Our Foreign Export

MOWE Export information

COMPANY NAME: Market Opportunity Worldwide

COMPANY TYPE: Farmer, Trader and Consultant

PRODUCT TYPE: Commercial farming, Export, Consultancy, Agribusiness, Processing and Packaging.

ORIGIN: Malawi

GRADE: 1 & Export Quality

STYLE: Fresh /Dried/Organic and Non Organic

CULTIVATION TYPE: Common/Organic/Non Organic



TEXTURE: Hard/Soft


PERIOD: Ongoing

PAYMENT METHOD: Cash in advance & Cash against documents

TRADER TYPE: International

PRODUCT NAME: Kilombelo & Fire Rice/ Ground nuts/ Beans/Pigeon Peas/ Soya Beans/ Avocado Pears/ Orange/ Fresh and Dried Chilli/ Paprika/ Maize/ Other Fruits

STORAGE: In clean, cool, dry area, keep away from strong direct light

PACKAGING: Bags/ Mesh bags/Packets

MOWE-Consultancy Services Provider
MOWE-Consultancy Services Provider

Our Consultancy Services

Consultancy Services Provision

MOWE works in four major business categories and these are:

  • Agricultural Commodity products export consultancy
  • Website design, development and creation
  • Mobile phone apps creation
  • Manufacturers representation

Agricultural Commodity products export consultancy service

MOWE provide agribusiness consultancy service in form of:

  • Agricultural Commodity products broker or consultant with a commission or fixed fees.

Website Creation

MOWE provide the following services:

  • Website design, development and creation on fixed amount, for more information please contact us now.

Mobile phone apps creation

We provide the following services:

  • Mobile phone apps design, development and creation on fixed fees amount

Manufacturers representation

MOWE provide the following services:

  • Manufacturers representation in our country on fixed fees amount
  • Foreign companies project search on fixed fees amount

If you are interested please contact us now on: +265880437578 or email us now at: